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fondler and take him off the streets before he strikes again. women in the springfield area of fairfax county are on edge. >> i think that's very dangerous, you know. >> make me scared. >> reporter: police say they're on the hunt for whoever is creeping up on unsuspecting women, fondling them and running away. the first time the pervert struck was earlier this month. a 26-year-old woman report kd groped by a man on monticello boulevard. september 16th it happened again, this time to a 16-year- old girl on metropolitan center drive and just yesterday a 17- year-old girl was the latest victim on the 5900 block of irving street. here's what makes these attacks so bold. police say in all of the cases the victims have not been distracted. none of them have been talking on their phones or listening to music. >> it is very concerning to the victims and the neighborhood. >> reporter: in all these cases the description of the creep is the same. he's about 5' 8 tall, either latino or asian and he always wears a plain red baseball cap.
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none of the women were hurt, but police believe there are other victims out there. they're asking anyone who has been victimized by this man to call and give them information about what happened to them and they're also asking folks out there, anyone who may know this man or may know what's going on, to also give them a call. ken molestina, 9 news now. you've no doubt heard the old saying if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. that may well apply to the woman who picked up a renoir painting at a flee market for seven bucks. now it seems the -- plea market for season bucks. now it seems the police may have to get involved. >> reporter: this small painting has a colorful history. painted in 1879 landscape on the river seine is an authentic renoir. >> she paid $7 for it and the painting we have estimated to sell at auction at 75,000 to 100,000. >> reporter: its new owner got the shock of her life. >> she was absolutely
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flabbergasted. we had to let her sit down and get her a coke. >> reporter: initially a gift from renoir to one of his favorite models, she sold it to a paris gallery who in turn sold it to an american businessman whose wife loaned it to the baltimore museum of art in 1931. >> we're all quite excited. it's not every day a renoir walks in the door. >> reporter: excitement turned to disappointment when just this week it was learned that renoir was stolen property, lifted from the walls of the baltimore museumin 1951. maryland resident steven virges thought he knew excitement as an actor in italy, but the frenzy over the renoir has made him take a second look at a painting he picked up in south america. >> i think it's probably edward munch and i picked it up in lima in the antique section of old town lima. >> reporter: as for the small
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renoir with a big price tag, it's not clear who stole it and where it's been until it surfaced this summer. the fbi is investigating. the baltimore museum of art wants the renoir back and no word yet on whether the woman who paid $7 for it will get anything in the end. in alexandria, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. on the campaign trail president obama was hanging around the nation's capital. he's got to host some fundraisers. meantime gop opponent mitt romney traveled to pennsylvania to try and sway voters there. romney continued to attack the lack of economic growth under president obama and how it may cause other countries to doubt our country. >> do you understand china's economy is growing at 7 or 8%. russia's economy is growing at 4% and our economy is growing at 1.3%? [ booing ] >> yeah. we're in a very different road than what i think the people of the road expected for the united states of america and if i'm elected president of this
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country, i will get us back on a road of growth and prosperity and strength. [ cheering and applause ] >> at a fundraiser president obama told his supporters that it will take more than one term for change to happen and he said ronnie's approach for writing off nearly half -- romney's approach for writing off nearly half of the nation will not do that. we'd probably agree there's no good way to put down a sick animal and also there's some methods easier on the animals than other. drowning a sick animal? that is what a zoo director did to a wallaby and later today the zoo director meghan mogensen was found guilty of animal cruelty. we talked to the former curator who blew the whistle on her. >> there needs to be changes. there needs to be at least a vet tech on staff. i don't want anything bad for the zoo. there's so many animals that i love and there are people that work there that do really love
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what they do. >> the judge sentenced mogensen to 30 days in jail. she -- peeling the verdict. new -- she is appealing the verdict. newly released court documents have highlighted violent past of the man charged in the colorado theater massacre. according to these papers, james holmes threatened a colorado university professor before the massacre. prosecutors claim the grad student was banned from campus, but defense attorneys say he'd already begun to withdraw from school by then. holmes is also known to have mailed a notebook to a university psychiatrist describing a potential violent attack. that notebook is protected by doctor/patient privilege, that according to the defense as well. drunk drivers beware. after a flurry of lawsuits the d.c. breathalyzer program is back. all this is after they conducted a 20 month overhaul of the program because the machines were giving faulty readings. mayor vincent gray said a grant from the national highway traffic safety administration helped to buy the new machines and software and fix the issue.
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our andrea mccarren was honored today for her work documenting underaged drinking. mothers against drunk driving awarded venezuelan and our photographer dave satchell the 2012 immediate -- awarded andrea and our photographer dave satchell the 2012 media award. the coverage covered a liquor store owner who was selling liquor to minors. the map function on the iphone 5 hammered by users, so glitchy that today apple ceo tim cook apologized for it and took the unprecedented move of actually telling iphone users use google maps instead. users have complained some of the information on the apple maps is off target or incomplete. cook promised apple's working nonstop to fix the problem, then suggested using other options until it's all done. it's been pretty cloudy dale and now we're just hoping to -- day and now we're just hoping to stay dry on a friday night. what are our chances, top? >> north of town pretty good,
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south of town not so mouth. we have this little disturbance pushing -- so much. we have this little disturbance pushing through south of 66 and 50. if newer frederick, you're fine -- if you're in frederick, you're fine tonight, some clouds yes. if you're in waldorf, you'll have some activity around the time of the high school football game. we had a little heavier batch of showers and storms roll through northern neck but that's now gone. maybe rockville south, fairfax has some light showers, so just enough to wet the roads, not a big deal. tonight cloudy, cooler with showers, maybe a few thunderstorms, but primarily south of town and lows 54 to 62. we will come back, look at the weekend forecast. we have made some changes, some you'll like, some you might not. we'll let you know. the nfl is still sorting things out from the saints bandy scandal, but could the same thing be happening in peewee games? that story just ahead.
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>> up next new information on that rg3 extortion case. were that from over -- remember that from over the summer? ke fs meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years.
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that former baylor basketball player who tried to extort money from robert griffin, iii pled guilty yesterday. back in june richard hurd contacted one of rg3's agents demanding a million bucks or he would release some as yet unvealed damaging information on the rookie. the agent called the police and hurd was later arrested. hurd is scheduled for a hearing november 21st and he could be facing two or three years behind bars. the washington wizards will be without their floor general the beginning of the season. john wall is out for eight weeks. he's got some sort of stress injury in his knee. he doesn't need surgery, but the former first overall pick will start rehab right away. until he gets back a.j. price and shelvin mack are the only point guards on the roster. fairfax county police on the hunt for a crook stealing
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from vulnerable victims. the guy you see in that picture dresses up like a maintenanceman, then makes off with purses and wallets from patients in doctors' offices. the thefts have happened throughout the mclean and falls church areas. he struck at least seven times, even stling from cancer patients. coming up i've seen topper's seven-day and there may be a little rain in our future. find out when.
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you may have written off a whole lot of ads on casino gaming in maryland as just one big out of state casino bashing another, but bruce leshan reports there is a local guy who has a whole lot of money in the game. >> reporter: you're like joe biden. you're one of these -- spend a few minutes with milt peterson. >> i am very blunt. >> reporter: and the 76-year- old is likely to grab you by the shoulders and try to sell you on his dreams. you obviously are fairly wealthy. >> i'm doing all right for an old guy. >> reporter: peterson's biggest dream was national harbor, a $2 billion gamble on shops, hotels, condos and office space next to the wilson bridge in prince george's. >> the timing was about as bad as you could have. >> reporter: his dream opened just as the economy crashed. office space went unfilled. disney pulled out. >> a new world class resort casino. >> reporter: but now peterson
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has a plan to fix it. >> this is a resort. this isn't just a casino. along with the upscale restaurants, along with the upscale retail is another ammenity called a casino. >> why did politicians negotiate with out of state casino operators in secret? >> reporter: peterson's casino dreams have faced a furious onslaught funded in large part by penn national which makes millions on casinos in west virginia and pennsylvania. >> but we've heard those empty claims before. >> good paying jobs. >> reporter: cesar's and mgm and peterson have responded with a barrage of ads of their own. >> we have a demand in the city here. >> reporter: one poll suggests maryland voters are just about evenly split on this question despite the millions of dollars that have been spent on both sides. bruce leshan, 9 news now. a pop warner league's investigating whether or not one of its football teams is paying players for big hits and
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hurting opponents. this happened in orange county, california. a former assistant coach for the tustin red cobras is saying the kids would be paid up to 20 bucks in bounty money. he supported the story first reported on by the orange county register. parents and players saying that this happened, six out of a team of about 22 confirming that this happened. so there's little doubt -- there's no doubt in my mind that this happened. >> the head coach for the team, however, says none of it ever did happen, but a player on the team said the cash rewards were discussed and that same player says teammates would vote for who should get the money and then claims that he saw the coach hand the money out. the national pop warner organization has suspended crawford and started their own investigation. a new metro depot is doing more than servicing buses. it's also helping our environment. kristin fisher explains how. >> reporter: the opening of a new metro bus facility may not
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seem like a big deal, but the last time that this happened was back when buses like this ruled the streets. this is the first new metro bus facility in 23 years and it took three years and $97 million to build. it's called the shepard parkway metro bus division and it sits on 16 acres of land in southwest washington. it has parking spaces for 250 buses, massive state of the art maintenance bays, a bus wash, fueling station. it's also metro's first building to obtain the lead silver certification. the greener facility is good for the environment and also good for the 400 employees that will be working here. there's even skylights in the garages. >> 400 plus employees who now have a facility that encourages and indeed makes possible greater production and workplace satisfaction. >> obviously we'll be able to improve and maintain our
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vehicles much better than we have in the past, especially for those who ride the buses in the southeast and the southwest of the district. >> reporter: this parking lot will be packed with metro buses and fully functional by sunday. in southwest washington i'm kristin fisher, 9 news now. well, top, we've sort of run the gamut this week. we thought there was going to be a nor'easter this weekend. then we talked about some sun and now it's unsettled. what's going on? >> i think you'll like the weekend for the most part. saturday will be fine, a couple possible showers sunday, but about an 80/20 weekend, not bad. let's take a live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at temperatures still in the 70s downtown, high 81 today. a lot of suburbs south of town are in the 60s because of showers and a couple thunderstorms. dew point 53, so drier air is actually moving in and will keep the showers and thunderstorms south of the immediate metro area.
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29.98 inches of mercury. if you're in rockville, i think you'll stay dry. frederick definitely will stay dry. here's our little disturbance moving through picking up a little intensity. you see some yellows and oranges on the map, moderate rain south of warrenton. everything is generally south of 66 in between fredericksburg and cross 95 here, head into southern maryland. we'll go into prince george's county, calvert county, st. mary's county and the southern 1/2 of anne arundel county. a damp friday night for you folks to the south. wear a poncho. saturday improving. we've changed to a better forecast saturday. sunday a bit unsettled and you'll probably need your before he monday. maybe it holds off -- umbrella monday. maybe it holds off till monday or tuesday. we'll put this into motion. 7:00 tonight you see a little batch of showers roll primarily south of town. it's shades of green which is light activity. by 11:00 everything is moving across the bay or through
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southern maryland and the northern neck. after midnight we begin to clear out. we're in good shape after that looking at a mix of sun and clouds after saturday with temperatures about average for this time of year. for tonight cloudy, cooler with showers and a few thunderstorms, primarily south of town. lows 54 to about 62. everything should get out of here by midnight. tomorrow morning becoming partly sunny, cool. those areas in see showers tonight have a good chance for morning fog again, temperatures in the 50s and 60s and then by afternoon no complaints here, partly sunny and mild, not as spectacular as last saturday, but certainly okay, high temperatures near 75, winds out of the northeast at 10. so zone forecast, only in the 50s in oakland, but partly cloudy, 66 in cumberland, should make it to 70 in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, mid-70s in culpeper, low 70s in warrenton, leesburg and manassas, fairfax probably 73. downtown probably 73 or 74.
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low to mid-70s into southern maryland, a little cooler by the water, but winds are below small craft advisory criteria. up 270 temperatures are also in the low 70s. let's break it down. 54 to 64 to start, mild by noon, 68 to 72 and mild by evening, 71 to 75. we have no raindrops on saturday's forecast. next three days sunday sunshine with some showers possible late, 74 and then 74 monday. may have to push the rain to monday night now, 74. next seven days tuesday temps start going back up, showers still possible, back up to about 80 or 82, mid-80s next wednesday with some more showers, maybe a thunderstorm, 80 thursday and then cooler friday with temperatures back to around 69 or 70. >> how cool tonight again, top? >> about 54 in the burbs, 62 downtown. let's get to our weird news section because in a world where there is certainly
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something for everybody, a few guys wearing high heels on a college campus might not be unexpected, but what about dozens of guys? to the campus of penn state altoona where the male student says and some faculty and staff decided literally to walk in the shoes of their female counterparts, but they were not looking to raise eyebrows. they were looking to raise awareness. women of college age are far more likely to be sexually assaulted than others, in fact, four times more likely. so these guys all put on the heels and walked a lap around the campus to show their support, i guess. you can't really call it weird news unless you don't think college guys could be this nice. i think they can. >> some of them are professors. >> they did not look good in the heels, though. too many americans are struggling to find work
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in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty
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and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪
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apparently folks out there are using google maps for a lot more than getting directions. it appears people are searching for ufos. if you look at the street view
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of jacksonville, texas, and you look up, see, there it is right there, kind of an orange purple squiggly thing up in the sky. no one in the city remembers seeing it. chances are it's just a little lens glare, but then again maybe we're not alone. you're not alone. you've got us, but that's our report for now. we'll be back at 11:00 along with anita and top. we'll see you then. bye bye.
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"entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. arnold's betrayal. >> you lied to her? >> you can say that. >> his first interview about the affair and the love child. >> i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. plus, arnold's other woman and his secret son today. overweight in hollywood. ♪ >> the 500-pound man with a golden voice. >> we have "the x factor's" obese singer after the audition. >> i was scared to death. plus, meet the big-screen star who says that she's fat and proud of it. >> i can just eat doughnuts and be funny. lindsay lohan's feuding parents on their daughter playing elizabeth tayl

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